How to get CSS to work only on specific WordPress pages?

Tags: html,css,wordpress

Problem :

I've read a few forums but I must be missing something. I'm basically just trying to have certain things in my CSS work for certain pages. Basically I wanted to change the homepage to be full width for the pictures.

My CSS in my child theme was this.

.fl-builder.home .page-section,
.breadcrumbs {
    width: 1640px;
    max-width: 100%;
   margin: 0 auto;

.site-footer-area {
    width: 1640px;
    max-width: 80%;
    margin: 0 auto;

Problem is now on all my pages since the max-width is 100% everything is touching the edge of the screen. I only wanted this for the home page. I inspected the home page and from this

<body id="top" class="admin-bar home is-singular logged-in page page-id-481 page-template page-template-_fullwidth page-template-page-template page-template-page-template_fullwidth-php customize-support">

I'm assuming my page-id is 481 for the home page.

Whats the best method to fix this so the rest of my pages are normal?

Solution :

you can use .home or page-id-481 as parent

.home your_selector{
 max-width: 100%;


.page-id-481 your_selector{
     max-width: 100%;

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