How to style webpage with percentages

Tags: html,css

Problem :

Following is my page structure

<div class="webpage">
    <div class="image"><img...></div>
    <div class="text1"></div> <div class="text2"></div>

What I want is for my webpage to be centrally aligned. That is it should fill all the page in vertical position. But horizontally, it should cover the central 80%.

so I wrote

margin-left : 10%;
margin-right : 10%;
width : 80%;

Now, I want my image to cover the top 20% of the area, and for my text 1 and text2 to cover the rest of the bottom 80%, but they should be aligned next to each other. Not vertically, but horizontally. So horizontally I want 50% for text1, and 50 for text 2.

I am not sure how to style it with css.

Can someone please advice


Solution :

Please check the fiddle -

image is added as background.

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