How to get hyperlinks inside a “pop-up” term reference on mouse-over, and seperate the HTML term from the “pop-up” reference content

Tags: jquery,html,css

Problem :

This article is a follow-up/reformulation of the less-specific formulated question Is it possible to have a hyperlink inside {content:"..."}?.

User Naeem Shaikh, to whom many thanks, friendly and successfully helped me having a hyperlink on mouse-hover, after an HTML tag with a specific id (here called "HPV"), using jQuery. Full credit for the JS help goes to him.

When I adapted this to my specific content (a term description), I get the following (formerly: JSFiddle 1):


<a class="term" id="HPV">HPV</a>


a.term{text-decoration:underline; text-decoration-style:dotted; -moz-text-decoration-style:dotted}

a.term:hover{text-decoration:none; color:#aaaaaa}

a.term:hover:after{position:relative; padding: 1px; top:-0.9em; left:-5px; border:1px dotted #aaaaaa; color:black; background-color:white}

a.term#HPV:hover:after{content:"Human papillomavirus."}

JS (requires jQuery)

       $(this).append('<a href=""> Wikipedia.</a>');

Now my next question is how to get the hyperlink "inside/after" the content of the after-selector. Instead of just after the content of the original HTML tag itself.

In my example: after "Human papillomavirus.", as such:

          Human papillomavirus. Wikipedia.

Instead of how it is now:

                          Human papillomavirus.
HPV Wikipedia.

I guess this calls for an ingenious way to have these links positioned inside the content of the :after-selector: especially when more than 1 link should be inserted, with extra text/content in between.


A small remark/glitch: as it is now, you can't put the "dot" .after Wikipedia on the right-side of the </a> in the JS. Or rather: you can, but then the CSS of the original tag (in CSS: a.term:hover) would unfortunately be adopted (cf. the gray color of the . then).

The same behavior can be seen now, since, the hyperlink adopts the gray color of the "parent" tag.


Another way to generally deal with the whole question (to have hyperlinks inside such a "on-hover term description"), is not to use the CSS :after-selector, and manually have an extra e.g. div, right after the original HTML tag, to account for a "pop-up description", as such (formerly: JSFiddle 2):



<a id="term">HPV</a><div>Human papillomavirus. <a href="">Wikipedia</a>.</div>


a#term:hover + div{display:inline} a#term + div{display:none; border:1px dotted #aaaaaa; padding:1px; top:-1em; position:relative}

Of course this is not ideal, because this is a trade-off with loss of ease on data-handling (especially when a term occurs multiple times in a document) and HTML readability.

Without the :after-tag also, could be to have a more jQuery centered approach, and to have the full content (regular text and links) of the reference inside the jQuery. One could then use some additional CSS on the jQuery, I suppose?

Solution :

You could use sup to show content on hover, as suggested by but as from this previous question by OP and my answer , I think you could just use a combination of both solutions.

The content is dynamically added to the dom via jquery, and using the markup suggested in comment above. see this

       $(this).append('<sup>Human papillomavirus<a href=""> Wikipedia.</a></sup>');

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