How to inherit CSS Menu on each html page linked on Homepage without using any javascript and templates

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I've task at hand of creating website without using Javascript and templates. I am unable to comprehend after reading many CSS tutorials, that how to inherit same page styles and menus to all linked pages. Do I have to create menu in each pages or is there code to inherit via main.css ? I want same menu fixed on all pages for easy navigation without use of any client side scripting. my main css

/* my styles */

    background: white;

body {


#page {
    margin:20px auto;


nav {


nav a{

nav a:hover{

nav ul li:hover{
    list-style-type: nones;

nav ul li{


I understand that I have to link css to all html page, What I want to know is that do I have to copy paste nav tag elements and recreate menu in all linked html pages to inherit css styles?. is that a good practice? any workarounds?

Solution :

I think the best way would be to include the main.css in each page you need it.

So in the html pages between the <head> tags place this line:

<link type="text/css" href="main.css" rel="stylesheet" />


To answer your edit, yes you have copy that portion of HTML you want if you don't want to use templates.

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