How to format currency as you type using jQuery

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css

Problem :

I want to <input type="number" /> when user type it, it automatically add <span class="t"></span> for every even-positioned thousand, for example:


it should transforms into:

<span class="t">1</span>234<span class="t">567</span>890

I already have the code to do the formatting:

function N(n) {
  n = +n;
  if(!n) return '<i>0</i>';
  var str = '';
  var odd = false;
  while(n>0) {
    var rem = n % 1000;
    n = Math.floor(n / 1000)|0;
    rem = ((n) ? (P0(rem,3)) : rem);
    if(odd) rem = '<span class="n">' + rem + '</span>';
    str = rem + str;
    odd = !odd;
  return str;

and the css:

span.n {
    padding-left: 3px;
    padding-right: 3px;

now the problem is, how to render that html into the input itself, so that every changes to that input (when user cut, paste, doing keypress, dragging certain substring using mouse) it would rendered correctly as HTML on that input.

Solution :

Nevermind, I'll just use this awesome plugin :3

jquery-number plugin could add thousand separator, and update as you type.


$('#the_input').number(true,' ');
// whenever #the_input updated/keypress, it reformat automatically

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