How to select via regex all class notations in css file

Tags: css,regex

Problem :

By having a css file with css rules, I'd like to select only css class (i.e.) .tblGenFixed but not css values for a rule (i.e.) opacity: 0.3 .

This is my regex: /(\.([\w_]+))/g

This is my alternative solution but it doesn't work /(?!\{)(\.([\w_]+))(?!\})/g

I have set an example in regex101 here

How can I ignore css rule values ?

Solution :

See this : Which characters are valid in CSS class names/selectors?

A value will have a digit after the dot. Luckily, valid CSS class names cannot start with a digit :)

Your regexp has to match a dot first, then a letter or - or _

! if you look for whitespace before the dot, a value like .5 will match ...

Try this one : (\.([a-zA-Z_-]{1}[\w-_]+))

Edit :

See this too : Regex to match a CSS class name


Relevant quote :

Basically, a name must begin with an underscore (_), a hyphen (-), or a letter(a–z), followed by any number of hyphens, underscores, letters, or numbers. There is a catch: if the first character is a hyphen, the second character must be a letter or underscore, and the name must be at least 2 characters long.

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