How to change the css of a div using the click function on jQuery, but however twice instead of once?

Tags: jquery,css,onclick

Problem :

This is the code I am using:


    $("#button").click(function () {
        $('.text').css('max-width', '800px');
        $('.moretext').css('max-width', '800px');


I am currently using the code above to edit the style of text. When the user clicks the button, the max-width of the two divs (text and moretext) change to 800px. This is working perfectly however, how do I make it so that when the user clicks the button the max-width changes to 800px, then when he clicks again, it changes to 900px, and on the third click, 1000px, and on the fourth click, back to 800px?

Solution :

$(document).ready(function() {
  function getWidth(width) {
    if (!width || width >= 1000) {
      return 800;

    return width + 100; 

  $("#button").click(function () {
    var textMaxWidth     = parseInt($('.text').css('max-width'));
    var moreTextMaxWidth = parseInt($('.moretext').css('max-width'));

    $('.text').css('max-width', getWidth(textMaxWidth) + 'px');
    $('.moretext').css('max-width', getWidth(moreTextMaxWidth) + 'px');



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