How can I align divs in a row rather than vertically?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I need help with some issues with the <div> element using CSS/HTML.

1: div align

Examples are better than words, so I have a simple CSS example: How do I force that when I add a second (the same) div, it will place it on the left of the first one and not under the first div. Here is how I don't want it to be: (divs are under the previous one).

2: Max divs per row

How can I set that when I add, for example 5 divs, the 6th will be under it (like e-shops). New divs should be added at the beginning, center, or at the end of body.

Solution :

This should work out for you.

.something {
     background-color: black;
     width: 200px;
     height: 120px;
     margin:4px 6px;

float left on .something will stack the next div you add next to it.

nth-child(5) selects the 5th div and uses clear left so that no other elements can float next to it, forcing them to the next line.

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