How to add text with css without pseudo-element

Tags: css

Problem :

I want to add text just with css. But pseudo-elements are not option. Point is to add text just with css, and have text in DOM.

Is that posssible ?

So this is not option :

.someClass:before {
  content: "some text";

Solution :

In general, the entire purpose of CSS is to preserve the distinction between style/design and content. The pseudo-selectors are a little unique in that they don't select actually existing content to "style" it, but rather create the content in the first place.

This doesn't exactly interfere with the purpose of CSS because the distinction between content and design can sometimes get a little fuzzy. Cf., for example, which talks of how appending "E-mail: " before every email address can actually be a style decision.

That said, I really don't understand why you don't want to use pseudo-elements. Support is near ubiquitous ( Your only other option would be to use JS/jQuery or good ol' HTML.

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