ExtJS - How to customize buttons?

Tags: javascript,html,css,extjs,extjs4

Problem :

I need to create some custom buttons - like a red button with white text, green button with white text, etc.

I followed the accepted answer of the same question "How to change background of hovered and pressed extjs-button dynamically" but did not work for me. It just changes the ui without any interactions. When I click the customized button, it toggles despite the handler function is executed.

ExtJS button has 2 configuration for styling according to documentation: overCls and pressedCls. Despite I set them both pressedCls configuration did not work for me.

Which css properties should I override/define in order to create my own buttons?

Sencha Fiddle Link: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/fim

Solution :

simply, every form component has a property called "cls". So you can use the following:

cls: 'myclass'

Edit for the last issue:

You have to override the x-btn-focus class, to remove/replace the blue background color:

.x-btn-focus.green-button { 

Edit of your your fiddle's css:

    border: none;!important;
    color: #ffffff;!important;

.green-button .x-btn-inner {
    color: #ffffff;

.green-button-over {
    background: #4cc54c;
    border: none;

.x-btn-over.green-button {
    background: #4cc54c;
    border-color: #4cc54c;

.x-btn-pressed.green-button {
    background: #5b9f5b;
    border-color: #5b9f5b;
.x-btn-focus.green-button { 

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