How to apply :hover on :after to certain div in CSS

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,html5

Problem :

Made an in-depth search and learnt on how to create some stylish custom created textboxes to achieve a better graphic look. I have two issues to complete this mesh-up of textboxes so that they serve a total functioning of a common textbox.

  1. I'm unable to execute the :focus on the parent div container, although the code is perfectly fine in CSS because when going by Inspect Element (Chrome), Force Element to> :focus it does what I want but in the real-time it never does nevertheless clicking on its children or itself.
  2. I want to add the :hover effect on the child div container (the left black coloured div) in which it'll expand the :after transition for a certain amount of pixels (assuming +20px/+30px).

The desired and the final result should look like in the picture below: Custom textfield issues

#submitForm {
    border:2px grey inset;
    margin: 10px auto 0;
    height: 500px;
    width: 800px;
#submitForm #btnSend {
    height: 50px;
    right: 20px;
#submitForm .highlights {
    border-bottom:5px solid #2E8DEF;
    height: 45px;
    margin-top: 40px;
    width: 520px;
#submitForm .highlights:focus {
    outline: 0;
    -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 0px 6px 2px rgba(105, 185, 250, 0.8);
    -moz-box-shadow: 0px 0px 6px 2px rgba(105, 185, 250, 0.8);
    box-shadow: 0px 0px 6px 2px rgba(105, 185, 250, 0.8);
#submitForm .tags, #submitForm .textarea {
    font-size: 25px;
    font-family: calibri;
    font-style: italic;
    height: 40px;
    text-align: center;
#submitForm .tags {
    border-bottom-left-radius: 10px;
    border-top-left-radius: 10px;
    background: #333333;
    color: #2E8DEF;
    text-align: center;
    width: 120px;
#submitForm .tags:after {
    background: #333333;
    content:" ";
    display: block;
    left: 90px;
    height: 100%;
    top: 0;
    width: 30%;
    transform-origin: bottom left;
    -ms-transform: skew(-30deg, 0deg);
    -webkit-transform: skew(-30deg, 0deg);
    transform: skew(-30deg, 0deg);
#submitForm .tags:hover {
    text-shadow: #2E8DEF 0px 0px 5px;
#submitForm .tags:after:hover {
    /* Code for expanding the skewed  .tags:after */
#submitForm .textarea {
    border-top-right-radius: 10px;
    border-bottom-right-radius: 10px;
    margin-left: 120px;
    overflow: hidden;
    padding-top: 5px;
    width: 400px;
    appearance: field;
    -moz-appearance: field;
    -webkit-appearance: field;
#submitForm .textarea:focus {

<forms id='submitForm'>
    <div id='formName' class='highlights'>
        <div class='tags'>Name</div>
        <div class='textarea' contenteditable></div>
    <div id='formSurname' class='highlights'>
        <div class='tags'>Surname</div>
        <div class='textarea' contenteditable></div>
    <div id='formAddress'class='highlights'>
        <div class='tags'>Address</div>
        <div class='textarea' contenteditable></div>
    <div id='formCity' class='highlights'>
        <div class='tags'>City</div>
        <div class='textarea' contenteditable></div>
    <div id='formPhone' class='highlights'>
        <div class='tags'>Phone</div>
        <div class='textarea' contenteditable></div>
    <button id="btnSend" type="button" onclick='submitListOfProducts()'>Submit</button>

And, the link to JS fiddle:

Solution :

Vishal provided the reason for the hover effect not working - this is my addition to it: - focus only fires on the textarea, but you want to change the style of the parent div

so lets change the css entry for #submitForm .highlights:focus to #submitForm .focusedhighlights

and then let jquery do the magic:

$(".textarea").focus(function(){ //event handler, to fire when a textarea gets focused
    $(this).parent().toggleClass("focusedhighlights") //toggle class on parent element for highlight effect

$(".textarea").focusout(function(){ //event handler to fire, when textarea gets unfocused
    $(this).parent().toggleClass("focusedhighlights") // toggle class to remove highlight effect

see working fiddle here:

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