How to add the img-responsive class in javascript

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,angularjs

Problem :

I am trying to make a responsive slider for mobile version. Site was developed using angular JS. When I am trying to integrate the JQuery sliders, total site was distubing because of Bootstrap CSS file. So, in that part I founded a plain Javascript code. And in this how to make those images responsive. Below I am adding the code.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var slideimages = new Array() // create new array to preload images
    slideimages[0] = new Image() // create new instance of image object
    slideimages[0].src = "images/slide/1.jpg" // set image object src property to an image's src, preloading that image in the process
    slideimages[1] = new Image()
    slideimages[1].src = "images/slide/2.jpg"
    slideimages[2] = new Image()
    slideimages[2].src = "images/slide/2.jpg"
    <a href="javascript:slidelink()"><img src="firstcar.gif" id="slide" width=100 height=56 /></a>

<script type="text/javascript">

//variable that will increment through the images
var step = 0
var whichimage = 0

function slideit(){
 //if browser does not support the image object, exit.
 if (!document.images)
 document.getElementById('slide').src = slideimages[step].src
 whichimage = step
 if (step<2)
 //call function "slideit()" every 2.5 seconds

function slidelink(){
 if (whichimage == 0)
  window.location = "#"
 else if (whichimage == 1)
  window.location = "#"
 else if (whichimage == 2)
  window.location = "#"



Solution :

Previous answers are correct but you have to use $ for jQuery:


WIthout jQuery:

slideimages[0].className += "img-responsive";

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