How to apply css style on the list of div by defending on the class name using javascript

Tags: javascript,jquery,css

Problem :

I got list of li tag that have 2 kinds of class name coding and design. The result that i want is if the li is design the post-link is display block and the site-link is display none while coding class name will have opposite effect. I store the li class into array then the condition will loop to find out what li tag have class name of design and coding. The result is the condition only read the last element of the array. Can you help me on this... sorry not good in asking question in english.


<li class="Design">
    <a class="post-link"></a>
    <a class="site-link"></a>
<li class="Design">
    <a class="post-link"></a>
    <a class="site-link"></a>
<li class="Coding">
    <a class="post-link"></a>
    <a class="site-link"></a>

var workArray = [];
var $work = jQuery('.slide-container li');
var $workClass = $work.attr('class');

        for(i = 0; i < workArray.length; i++){

Solution :


.Design .site-link {
   display: none;

.Coding .post-link {
   display: none;

and let the browser does the array/traverse push/pop by itself ;)

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