jquery/css how to rescale and crop a large image to fit my display div?

Tags: jquery,html,css

Problem :

So basically i have a few div holder that i set at 192px width and 192px, and i set all the img class .img_thumb to fit 100% of the div holder width and height, rescaling the image to fit within 192px.

What i want to do ideally is to for example a image over 3000 width/height, i want to on the fly, rescale the image that is reasonably for the 192px, and crop the middle of the image and place it in the div holder. Anyone got any suggestions? This is what i have so far

my html

<div class="content sixteen full columns float-l">
    <div class="img_thumb_holder float-l">
        <img class="img_thumb" alt="portfolio">

my css

.container .img_thumb_holder{
background: black;
position: relative; 

.container .img_thumb{ 
width: 100%; 

Do note that i want to rescale and crop part of the image, not just rescale to fit the whole image in the div holder. Thanks

Solution :

you can use background-image and background-position amd background-size

.img_thumb_holder {
    background-size: 300px;
    background-position: center center;


<div class="img_thumb_holder float-l"   style="background-image: url(....)">&nbsp;</div>

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