Updating CSS via plain JavaScript… how do I update if the property uses vendor prefixes?

Tags: javascript,css,vendor-prefix

Problem :

For example, if I want a grabbing icon for my cursor, in CSS I would use this:

div {
     cursor: -moz-grabbing;
     cursor: -webkit-grabbing;
     cursor: grabbing;

But let's say, I want to implement this via JavaScript but still being able to cover all three, how do I do this? Do I just assign them in three lines -- does JavaScript fallback to the previous assignment?

document.getElementById('theDiv').style.cursor = '-webkit-grabbing';
document.getElementById('theDiv').style.cursor = '-moz-grabbing';
document.getElementById('theDiv').style.cursor = 'grabbing';

Solution :

1) You can add a class for that purpose which assigns all the properties.

2) If you try it your way then, Javascript will reassign the property 3 times and end up with the last one executed as the active one, So

    document.getElementById('theDiv').style.cursor = '-webkit-grabbing';
    document.getElementById('theDiv').style.cursor = '-moz-grabbing';
    document.getElementById('theDiv').style.cursor = 'grabbing';

will not work.

3) Adding a class would do it. for example:

    .myClass {
      cursor: -moz-grabbing; 
      cursor: -webkit-grabbing; 
      cursor: grabbing; 



   document.getElementById('theDiv').className += 'myClass';

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