How do browsers handle unrecognized at-rules?

Tags: css,css3,cross-browser

Problem :

CSS at-rules (e.g., @import) have existed since CSS2. New rules are slowly being added to CSS3 such as @supports with varying levels of browser support. How do the major browsers handle unsupported rules they don't recognize? Are they just ignored? Or are they treated as syntax errors?

E.g., if I were to use the @supports at-rule which is not supported by any version of IE, would IE fail with a syntax error, or would it be silently ignored?

@supports (pointer-events: none) {

Solution :

The CSS 2.1 spec says

4.2 Rules for handling parsing errors

At-rules with unknown at-keywords.

User agents must ignore an invalid at-keyword together with everything following it, up to the end of the block that contains the invalid at-keyword, or up to and including the next semicolon (;), or up to and including the next block ({...}), whichever comes first.

For example, consider the following:

@three-dee {
  @background-lighting {
    azimuth: 30deg;
    elevation: 190deg;
  h1 { color: red }
h1 { color: blue }

The @three-dee at-rule is not part of CSS 2.1. Therefore, the whole at-rule (up to, and including, the third right curly brace) is ignored. A CSS 2.1 user agent ignores it, effectively reducing the style sheet to:

h1 { color: blue }

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