How to create styled boxes on a webpage in where I can add graphs,gaugs,numbers?

Tags: javascript,html,css,web

Problem :

I'm creating a 1 page dashboard that will run fullscreen on a monitor on which I want to display some graphs. I made the graphs already all I need now is a proper template for the page. I was thinking something like this enter image description here

I really dig the look but I'm clueless on how to make something like this using presumably css/js. Especially the lines in the background and a titlebox.

Solution :

First of all, you have to code all of the man div-containers including your graphs and data-visuals. For that, a css-framework could help you managing the different views for all devices (

Later on, you could add inner divs for the title box and the background. Also get yourself some inspiration. For example: this is the admin-theme I am using for my actual project:

After digging into that, you may ask some deeper questions about styling your Dashboard, so it's easier for us to respond to an actual problem ;)

Cheers, Chris

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