How to place an image on top of Bootstrap NavBar while keeping links clickable?

Tags: css,twitter-bootstrap

Problem :

I'm trying to create a Boostrap UI where the Desktop view (>= 992px) will have a logo just above the NavBar. I created the following fiddle:

To place the logo where I want, I have the following CSS:

.navbar {
   top: -40px;

However, as you can see (you might need to expand result view to 992px) the logo is placed behind the NavBar (which makes sense). Now, how can I put the logo on top of the NavBar while being able to click the links?

I have tried adding the following:

.navbar {
   top: -40px;
   z-index: -1;

Then it is displayed as I want but I can't click the links on the NavBar. For some reason I wasn't able to bring the logo "up" by switching its z-index.

Solution :

Just add a position:absolute; to the anchor holding your image and you can adjust the margin of your image accordingly after.

Here's a jsfiddle of it:

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