How to refer to an anchor pane in css?

Tags: css,javafx,pane

Problem :

is there a possibility to refer to an anchor pane in css?

If the anchor pane happens to be the root, than it's ok:

-fx-background-image: url("xxx.yy");

It works. But if not, then how to do this? I tried .anchor-pane{}, it didn't work. Then I read, that anchor pane has everything that Pane has. So I tried .pane{} too... It didn't work.

How can I set the background to a none root anchor pane? Thank you!

Solution :

You can always assign a css class and add it to the AnchorPane explicitly


In your css :

    -fx-background-image: url("xxx.yy");

You can perform the same by adding a css id


In you css :

    -fx-background-image: url("xxx.yy");

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