On Eclipse-Java EE, how do I change the color settings for selected elements on a tree view?

Tags: css,eclipse,color-scheme,eclipse-luna,eclipse-jee

Problem :

I've recently switched to the dark theme on Eclipse Java EE Luna, even tried other dark themes such as moonrise, but I always end up having to tune some settings in order to be able to read things (which by the way I have to set up again every time I restart eclipse, I hope they fix that ticket soon!)

However, I couldn't figure out how to fix the most annoying problem. On some views, such as Navigator view I can read the selected item properly: enter image description here

On others though (such as package explorer, search, and servers views), this is what I get:

enter image description here

As you can see the selected item text is quite difficult to read.

It's my understanding I cannot fix this by editing a config setting, but instead I have to open the CSS theme file and edit the property or properties. Only I don't know which one or which ones I have to edit. Any clues?

Solution :

You can change the color of items in the views. To do that navigate to eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.ui.themes_x.x.x..../css and open e4-dark_win.css file (if you are using windows). Find CTabFolder Tree, CTabFolder Canvas and .MPartStack.active Tree, .MPartStack.active CTabFolder Canvas definitions and change color to something more pleasing.


CTabFolder Tree, CTabFolder Canvas {
    background-color: #2F2F2F;
    color: #ffffaa;
.MPartStack.active Tree,
.MPartStack.active CTabFolder Canvas {
    background-color: #262626;
    color: #ffffaa;

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