how to prevent transformation of text inherited from a skewed parent

Tags: html,css,transformation

Problem :

Hie,i am trying to prevent the text inside a link from skewing together with the parent. here is how it looks

.one {
.one li {
	width: 115px;
   height: 100px;
   display: inline-block;
  -moz-transform: translate(0px, -1px) skew(0deg, -5deg);
-webkit-transform: translate(0px, -1px) skew(0deg, -5deg);
-o-transform: translate(0px, -1px) skew(0deg, -5deg);
-ms-transform: translate(0px, -1px) skew(0deg, -5deg);
transform: translate(0px, -1px) skew(0deg, -5deg);
.one li a {

-moz-transform: translate(0px, 1px) skew(0deg, 5deg);
-webkit-transform: translate(0px, 1px) skew(0deg, 5deg);
-o-transform: translate(0px, 1px) skew(0deg, 5deg);
-ms-transform: translate(0px, 1px) skew(0deg, 5deg);
transform: translate(0px, 1px) skew(0deg, 5deg);
<div class="one">


<a href="#">this is the test</a>


<a href="#">this is the test</a>




I have read these articles from here with similar problem but seems mine is a bit different. Slant the top of a div using css without skewing text and Reset angle of text in skewed div using CSS. Please help me with the css

Solution :

CSS transforms don't work on inline elements in Webkit browsers (Safari and Chrome). Only "block" and "inline-block" elements can be transformed. (It's sort of like a bug, see )

As a workaround, you can add this:

.one li a { display:inline-block; }

Another option would be to add a wrapper div around the anchor element, and apply the transform on that.

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