How to dynamically create a css style rule that is overridable by earlier rules

Tags: javascript,css,dom

Problem :

I have been using jss in my project to do dynamic styles. This has worked great for the most part, but I want to do something it seems to not help with.

I want to be able to create a set of main style rules first, then create a set of default style rules that can be overridden by the main style rules if they conflict. Example:

<div class="mainClass1 defaultClass1">text</div>
jss.set('.mainClass1', {
  color: 'red'

jss.set('.defaultClass1', {
  color: 'green'

I want the outcome to be that the text is red, but the way jss operates, the text comes out green. I was hoping I could somehow create two dynamic stylesheets, the "default" sheet being first, and the "main" sheet being second (so that main overrides default). Is this possible?

Update - I confirmed a technique that works with raw javascript:

var styleNode = document.createElement('style');
styleNode.type = 'text/css';
styleNode.rel = 'stylesheet';
//styleNode.sheet.insertRule("#A" + ' { color:green; }', 1);

var styleNode2 = document.createElement('style');
styleNode2.type = 'text/css';
styleNode2.rel = 'stylesheet';
styleNode2.sheet.insertRule("#A" + ' { color:green; }', 0);
styleNode.sheet.insertRule("#A" + ' { color:red; }', 0);

The element with id 'A' remains green even after the red style is added on the earlier stylesheet. Now I'm just wondering if I can do this with jss or if I need to roll something of my own.

Why does this not work?

var jss1 = jss.forDocument(document)
var jss2 = jss.forDocument(document)

jss2.set('#A', {
    color: 'green'
jss1.set('#A', {
    color: 'red'

Solution :

Allllright, I figured out how to do it with jss:

<div id="a">A div</div>
    var jss1 = jss.forDocument(document)
    jss1.defaultSheet = jss1._createSheet()
    var jss2 = jss.forDocument(document)
    jss2.defaultSheet = jss2._createSheet()

    jss2.set('#A', {
        color: 'green'
    jss1.set('#A', {
        color: 'red'

I found out jss lazily creates its sheet. So if you want to ensure the order of the stylesheets, you need to create them up front with _createSheet.

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