CSS preprocessors workflow - how does it really work?

Tags: css,sass,workflow,css-preprocessor

Problem :

I am a developer and I am trying to understand one thing... how does the css pre processor fit into the day to day design/development workflow?

Without it it was something simple like saving the css file and refresh the page.

But if you use, let's say, something like SASS, how does it change?

If I got it right:

  1. You write your sass files on your favourite text editor
  2. Process it in some way
  3. Check the results on your localhost (or wherever you have the development version)

Is this how the workflow is with a css pre processor? And if it is, isn't this time consuming?

Solution :

Great question. At first SASS can seem to be time consuming but after a little while you truly see the benefits.

You need to work locally (which I recommend anyway) and I use Koala (http://koala-app.com) which processes by SASS file into CSS every time I save. You still link your css in exactly the same way so when you are ready to deploy, you just do it the same where you've always done it.

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