How to visually identify the viewbox of a SVG with CSS?

Tags: css,svg,viewbox

Problem :

I'm willing to visually identify the viewbox of a SVG in order to avoid any element going out of it.

This is what I felt was the most intuitive way to do it in CSS (jsfiddle):



I was expecting the same behavior of the <svg> element than any other; i.e. I was expecting to have a 20px wide blue stroke around my <svg> element, as it's the case for my <polygon> element but my expectations were obviously over optimistic.

I'd like a direct interaction with CSS -- i.e., without having to programmatically create a <rect> element with the coordinates and positions of the viewbox.

Thanks for any help.

Solution :

For the root svg you can simply use regular CSS styling, as opposed to stroke etc:

Demo Fiddle




    border:20px solid blue;

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