How to display text over an image css [duplicate]

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Problem :

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I am trying to display some text over an image :

I need to align this text at the bottom part of the image

I tried putting this in css:

.head_img p { 
   position: absolute; 
   left: 0; 
   width: 100%; 

but this doesn't work ...


Secondly I want this to be scalable with the screen width ... if width less than that of a 13" laptop .. remove the image but keep the text

How do i do that

Solution :

Try this:

    color: #202020; /*#3d3636    #fffaf0; #fdfdfd  8c8c8c*/
    font-family: 'Maven Pro', sans-serif;
    /*padding-left: 5%;*/
    background-color: #fdfdfd;

    line-height: 1em;
    font-weight: bold;
    font-style: italic;
    color: #000000;

.head_img p { 
   position: absolute; 
   left: 0; 
   width: 100%; 

@media (max-width: 1366px) {
.head_img img { display:none; }

I added position:relative; to the .head_img class and positioned the p element absolutely with a bottom of 5px.

Then added a media query to hide the image once the screen width goes below 1366px. You will have to adjust that breakpoint, but I believe it's a common screen width for 13" laptops.

Updated fiddle:

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