How to resize the width of div left to another which has float:left;?

Tags: css

Problem :

I still have problem to well understand how the float property works in CSS. I do apologize because I know this is css basics but I really want to understand that and get a good explanation. I've created an example to show you. Here is my page : image

I just want to resize the second div at the right. When I look at it in the Chrome Developer Tools, I see that this div begins at the top left of the window and not after the red square. I'd like it to begins just after the red square to change the width properly without calculating the size of the square and doing something like

width = square size + width i want

Do you know how this it happens and how to properly resize the width of the second div ?

EDIT: the solution consists in add the float property to the second div too. The explanation is the following : floated elements are removed from the flow, so they don't stack with the non-floated elements.

Solution :

You need to set float for another div too.

We generally do like below:


<div class="float-left">
  <p>floated left</p>

<div class="float-left"><!--- to float next to previous div--->
  <p>floated left</p>


  float: left;

As per your comment:

We do clear the float values because the container contents would never been collapsed.

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