HTML4 strict: border=“0” is deprecated, how to replace it

Tags: html,css

Problem :

Checking my HTML with Amaya I detected that my navigation symbols (i. e. chapter forward) with border="0" are marked as deprecated. How to overcome this restriction? I don't want that my chapter forward symbol to be represented as link.

Example: <a href="...URL..."><img alt="chapter forward" src="../images/chforw.gif" border="0"></a>

I've tried CSS img {border:none }, but this disable the link representation in all circumstances.

Solution :

Gives a class to your element, for example

<a...><img class="vroum" alt="chapter forward" src="../images/chforw.gif"></a>

Then your CSS rule can be clean and specific to those elements :

.vroum {border:none }

Bonus (the whole point of CSS) : you'll be able to change the styling of all those elements without having to change the HTML everywhere.

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