How to edit WordPress CSS written as inline CSS? [duplicate]

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Problem :

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I'm trying to edit the CSS of a WordPress template.

I am using Firefox to find the CSS styles and found the line I need to edit, which looks like this:

<div style="transition: height 350ms ease 0s; height: 450px;" class="og-expander">

What I want to do is to change height: 450px to height: 100%.

I have tried editing the og-expander class' height, but it didn't work. I realized that the height property within og-expander are disabled because of the inline CSS, but I can't find the place to edit the inline CSS.

I have searched through some other CSS files as well, but I failed to find it.

Solution :

You can override the style added directly to the element with !important after the style statement in your css files. For instance

.og-expander {
    height: 350px !important;
    transition: 0 !important;

Also, you might try searching all your php files to edit that place directly. If its added in core or plugins, direct editing would be a bad idea, so try to find an appropriate filter or action hook.

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