How to hide text present inside search box?

Tags: javascript,css,tampermonkey

Problem :

I have set a bookmark which has -adult word to search query, so that inappropriate results won't show up. Now, how do I hide -adult present in the search box?


youtube screen capture

My idea so far:

To use CSS to hide it then make another textbox to be seen, then add a few event handlers to sync the real search box with my fake search box.

comments by @wOxxOm

that's tricky to implement I suppose since google uses ajax and events, but probably it'll be possible to set a document mutation observer which will hide the stuff in the search box before it's shown

If the above method is not possible, then please suggest alternative for solving this problem.

Solution :

Remove -adult from the field and append it on the button click event. Example:

var keywordInput = $('input[name="-adult"]');
$('input[name="SearchButton"]').click(function() {
  window.location = '' + encodeURIComponent(keywordInput.val());

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