how to programmatically call the “click” of css

Tags: c#,javascript,html,css,webbrowser-control

Problem :

I'm writing a C # program to automate the routine work.   Faced with the difficulty: On html page there is a text, when you click on that executes JavaScript. the text is in the

 <span class=myClass>Click me</span> 

more cascading style sheets in the file for this class is EventListener odds press, which when clicked performs the function of java script file:

function (t){return typeof he===X||t&&he.event.triggered===t.type?e:he.event.dispatch.apply(u.elem,arguments)}

From a file javascript nothing is clear. He is the most obfuscated. How to programmatically call the click event?

Solution :

The fastest and most trouble-free solution was the analysis of http requests to the server and send the required data.

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