Responsive CSS background image - how to make content follow

Tags: css,responsive-design

Problem :

I have CSS background image in header div. Image responsiveness works fine but I cant get it work so that content under header image "follows" image when it resizes.

Problem is that when I give height value to header image div then div height is fixed. And when I do not give height image is not shown at all.

See working example JSFIDDLE

Any help how to fix?

Solution :

Here is your solution:

Issue:- Height value in percentage doesn't work, until unless it has been used in any position layer.

Solution:- Instead of height. Use "padding-bottom" OR "padding-top" value to make height responsive. Becasue percentage values work well with "padding".

The calculation is very simple to get the relevant responsive height value of any background image.

For Example:- If Background image dimensions are (1200 width) x (450 height) Pixels. Then image responsive "height" value would be: "37.5%"

Formula:- Y (×) 100 (÷) X. Which is (450×100÷1200) = 37.5%

Solution URL:-


.custom-header-option {
    padding-bottom:37.5%; /* This will make height responsive */
    background-image: url('');

If need more help, most welcome :)

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