How to use Grunt while continually compressing css / javascript

Tags: javascript,css,gruntjs,grunt-contrib-cssmin

Problem :

I am just getting started with Grunt so please excuse a question which may be dumb:

If I am using cssmin or uglify or any other plugin that alters the appearance of my code:

How do I make it so that the reference in my main.html file stays consistent. In other words, obviously I am going to develop with an uncompressed css file (let's call it style.css). If I am referencing that in my main.html as <link rel=stylesheet src="main.css"> but grunt consistently minfies it to main.min.css it seems like everytime, after I run grunt, I am going to have to go into my main.html and change the link reference (which would be annoying because I have to update git each time too.

I could configure cssmin to overwrite my style.css with the same file name but then it would be almost impossible for me to modify. Is there a way around this?

Solution :

These plugins will help: grunt-useref, grunt-processhtml.

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