css ul and li - multiple spans in each li and how to line up the spans vertically

Tags: html,css,html-lists,vertical-alignment

Problem :

i have a list:

        <span class="first">the dog jumped over the fox</span>
        <span class="second">1</span>
        <span class="third">Edit</span>
        <span class="first">cat and mouse</span>
        <span class="second">1</span>
        <span class="third">Edit</span>
        <span class="first">doggie</span>
        <span class="second">1</span>
        <span class="third">View report</span>

and i want to set the width of the first <span> in each <li> to be equal to the one with the longest text. in this case, the longest text is "the dog jumped over the fox" so i want all the other <span class="first">s to match it. i also want to apply the same logic to any additional <span>s within the <li>. basically, all the <span class="first"> have the same length, all the <span class="second"> have the same length, and all the <span class="third"> have the same length. here's what i want to achieve:

the dog jumped over the fox |1|Edit       |
cat and mouse               |1|Edit       |
doggie                      |1|View report|


Solution :

Apply CSS like below.

 ul{display:table; width:100%; padding:0;}
 li span{display:table-cell; text-align:left;}


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