How to disable the collapsing feature in twitter bootstrap 3?

Tags: jquery,html,css,twitter-bootstrap-3

Problem :

In twitter Bootstrap 3 how do i disable the site collapse feature. I basically want my site to be similiar to this one in a way that the navbar features like the logo, search bar, and ext and the whole body of the website to be centered in the middle of the page until the page cannot center it anymore. It then just stays static. My site is wierd because twitter bootstrap 3 makes your site adjust to the mobile device by making it collapse (which is what i do not want).

Here is my html:

Here is my css:

(i have tried to make a jsfiddle multiplr times and i am still learning.)

Solution :

If you don't want to collapse just remove collapse class from your code

For example:

If you were using bootstrap navbar means remove collapse navbar-collapse and also remove the toggle button also, it will avoid collapse options

For center align use text-center class


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