How can I use d3.js filter to assign different css classes to elements?

Tags: javascript,css,d3.js,filter

Problem :

For my first little d3.js project, I am adapting the "Filtering with Data" recipe from the Data Visualization with d3.js Cookbook (available at

My dataset contains offbeat words paired with types of "animal", "vegetable", or "mineral." The words are displayed in black type when the page is loaded. When the user clicks a "show animals" button, the animal words turn red. Ditto for the other two types: clicking the button for a particular word type turns the corresponding words red. All words currently turn red.

What I'm trying to do, though, is have the words turn different colors based on their type: brown for animals, green for vegetables, gray for minerals. I know I need to build and fit in a conditional framework somewhere, but the specifics are evading me. I imagine this exercise would be easy-peasy in straight Javascript, but I'm trying to learn d3!

Can anybody help?

The relevant CSS:

    .word {
        color: black;
        font-size: 2em;
        line-height: 30%;

    .word .animal {
        color: brown;

    .word.vegetable {
        color: green;

    .word .mineral {
        color: lightslategray;

    .selected {
        color: red;

The entire script (it's rather short):

    var dataset = [
        {name: "aegirine", type: "mineral"},
        {name: "burdock", type: "vegetable"},
        {name: "yantok", type: "vegetable"},
        {name: "zingel", type: "animal"}

function render(dataset, type) {"body")
        .attr("id", "worddiv")
        .attr("class", "word")
        .text(function(d) {
        .filter(function (d,i) {

        return d.type == type;

        .classed("selected", true);

    } // end function render


function select(type) {
     render(dataset, type);
} // end function select

function clearAll() {"body")
        .attr("class", "word");

The only relevant HTML is in the button div:

<button onclick = "select('animal')">
show animals

<button onclick = "select('vegetable')">
show vegetables

<button onclick = "select('mineral')">
show minerals

<button onclick = "clearAll()">

Solution :

You can add a class to each item bassed on the type attribute using the d3.selection.classed method:

function render(dataset, type) {"body")
        // ... more code
        .text(function(d) { return; }); 

    // Adds a class to each element based on its type'body').selectAll('p.word')
       .each(function(d) {, true); });"body")
        // ... more code
        .classed("selected", true);

} // end function render


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