How to contol a CSS property with Javascript

Tags: javascript,css

Problem :

Ok so i have one div and inside it a canvas: my html file:

<div id="container">
        <canvas id="game" width="600px" height="2000px">

my css file:

background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #00b7ea0%, #008793 14%, #04b9b 43%, #1f00ea 74%, #008793 89%, #009ec3 100%);
bottom: 0px;
position: absolute;    
position: relative;

And here is my question: What code should be used in a javascript file, if i want to control the bottom property of #game?

What i mean i that i want the user to press a botton, e.g. W(=87), and the bottom property to change negative or possitive direction is irrelevant, the need is to make a code that when a key is pressed the magnitude of the bottom property will change.

I hope that i described the probel well, if more info is needed please ask... Looking forward for a reply :-)

Solution :

If you want to set the bottom property dynamically you can do this as follows-

function setHeight (bottomValue) {
    if (typeof bottomValue === "number") {
        bottomValue = bottomValue + "px";

    var gameElement = document.getElementById("game");

    if (gameElement) { = bottomValue;


Alternatively using jQuery-

$('#game').css('bottom', bottomValue);


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