VERY BASIC: How to inline social media logos on a header

Tags: html,css,header

Problem :

I just started trying to learn how to code 4 days ago. I've been learning html and css to start. I want to try and put everything that i've learned together, by creating a website for myself.

I'm trying to create a fixed header. On the left side of the header I want to incorporate my social media accounts by linking them to the little icons of each website. However, they stack on top of eachother even though I have them set at inline.

I need help getting them to align next to each other, and put them all into the same size.

I appreciate any help that I get!

Here is my html code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/Users/Hunter/Documents/Website(CSS).css"> 
        <title>Hunter's Website</title>
        <div class="top">
            <div class="social">
                <div class="row">
                    <div id="twitter" class="col-md-4">
                        <a href="http://twitter/"><img src="" /></a>
                    <div id="instagram" class="col-md-4">
                        <a href="http://instagram/"><img src="" /></a>
                    <div id="quora" class="col-md-4">
                        <a href="http://quora/"><img src="" /></a>
        <div class="jumbotron">
        <div class="pictures">
        <div class="bottom">

CSS Code:

div .top {
    height: 20px;
    width: 100px;
    background-color: black;
    display: inline;

#twitter #instagram #quora {
    height: 5px;
    width: 5px;
    z-index: 10;
    float: left;
    clear: both;
    margin: 2px;


.jumbotron {
    height: 50px;
    width: 50px;
    background-image: url("insert grad picture")

Solution :

You have a problem here

#twitter #instagram #quora 

this means that you are looking for a div that has id=quora inside a div called instagram inside a div called twitter . what you are looking for is this

/*your style*/

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