Preload all CSS images while showing a preloader

Tags: javascript,jquery,css,image,background-image

Problem :

I have a website heavily loaded with images. It's quite unattractive to see the images coming up slowly. I've seen a few websites show a preloader which hides that ugly loading phase. I'm not talking about the <img /> tag here, but I'm talking about CSS background-images.

I do not understand how to achieve this effect using Javascript and/or jQuery.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

P.S: I would also appreciate links to plugins if there are any available.

Solution :

Start of with setting the css:

    background-image: url('loading.gif');

Then use the following javascript function:

function loadImage()
    var img = new Image;
    img.src = "http://path/to/img";
    img.onload = function() 
        var myElement = document.getElementById("myElement"); = "url('" + this.src + "')";

fire the function in the body onload like this:

<body onload="loadImage();">

or add it to another init script which fires from here.

Hope this will get you going!

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