How to rotate an object 120deg on every click with CSS-transition/transform throu JS

Tags: javascript,css,rotation,css-transitions,css-transforms

Problem :

I want to rotate my blueRect 120 deg from its place everytime you push the button, I cant get it to work doh, anyone that can se whats wrong in my code? I know I havent got all the prefixes. jsfiddle:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

        width: 50px;
        height: 50px;
        background-color: #aaaaff;
        border: solid 3px #000000;
        margin-left: 30px;
        transition: all 2s ease-out;
        -moz-transition: all 2s ease-out;

<script type="text/javascript">

   var angle = 0;

   $('#right').click(function() {
        $('#blueRect').css ({
            'transform: rotate(' + angle + 'deg)',
            '-webkit-transform: rotate(' + angle + 'deg)',
               '-moz-transform: rotate(' + angle + 'deg)',
                 '-o-transform: rotate(' + angle + 'deg)',
                '-ms-transform: rotate(' + angle + 'deg)'

<div id="background">

    <div id="blueRect">


<button id="right">1</button>


Solution :

The argument passed to .css was not a valid object. The following code should work:

(jQuery was not loaded in the fiddle, and is also needed :) )

var angle = 0;
$('#right').click(function() {
    $('#blueRect').css ({
        'transform': 'rotate(' + angle + 'deg)',
        '-webkit-transform': 'rotate(' + angle + 'deg)',
           '-moz-transform': 'rotate(' + angle + 'deg)',
             '-o-transform': 'rotate(' + angle + 'deg)',
            '-ms-transform': 'rotate(' + angle + 'deg)'

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