How to align div elements while using css tables

Tags: html,css

Problem :

I need to align my div elements such that the first column element takes up two rows and the second column elements occupy the first and the second row,and are stacked one below the other using css tables.

My html

<head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="core.css"></head>
<div id="wrapper">
  <div class="specialsticky">
    <img src="Hydrangeas.jpg" alt="first image">  

  <div class="specialsticky">
    <img src="Chrysanthemum.jpg" alt="second image"> 

  <div class="specialsticky">
    <img src="Desert.jpg" alt="third image">

and this is the css part

#wrapper {

display: table-cell; border: 1px solid black; vertical-align: middle;

div.specialsticky:nth-child(1) img{
width: 604px;height:447px;}

display: table-cell; }

div.specialsticky:nth-child(2) img{ width: 424px;height:222px;}

div.specialsticky:nth-child(3){display: table-cell;}

div.specialsticky:nth-child(3) img{width: 424px;height:222px;}

Solution :

As the divs are contained in the wrapper, you could remove display: table-cell on the two small divs so they naturally collapse underneath each other but inline with the larger div.

Have an example!


#wrapper {
font-size: 0; /* fix inline gap */
margin: 0 auto;

div.specialsticky:nth-child(1) {
border:1px solid #000;

div.specialsticky:nth-child(1) img {

div.specialsticky:nth-child(2) img,div.specialsticky:nth-child(3) img {

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