How to change size of text input but not textarea in jquery mobile

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Problem :

There are many answers here about how to change various properties of jQuery text input fields, but none of them that I found address the difference, if any, between regular text input and textarea

I figured out how to change CSS properties of a text input field, with the class

    height:42px !important;
    background: #AB63CC !important;

That's what the answers on this site have told me. And it works flawlessly, all text input fields are now 42px high and a lovely lilac color.

Unfortunately, all text input variants get a 42px override, this includes textareas. So when I add that CSS, while all text input fields line up perfectly with menu widgets, my textareas can no longer be resized, and I can't override that because of the !important tag.

Even custom classes don't work. so if I make, for example:

.textinput-foo .ui-input-text{
    height:42px !important;

in my CSS, then

<label for="example" id="my-fancy-textinput" class="ui-hidden-accessible">LoremIpsum</label>
  <input name="example" id="example" value="" placeholder="LoremIpsum" type="text" class="textinput-foo">

in my HTML, in an attempt to allow only certain fields to be resized while others (like textareas) retain their default properties, nothing happens. So I tried:

.ui-input-text .textinput-foo{
    height:42px !important;

in case it might be affixing the default class instead of appending it. Still no luck. Custom classes for the textarea don't work any better.
Textarea CSS:

.ui-input-text .textarea-foo{
    height:100px !important;

Textarea HTML:

<label for="example-2" id="my-fancy-textarea" class="ui-hidden-accessible">More</label>
<textarea cols="40" rows="8" name="example-2" id="example-2" placeholder="Type stuff plox" class="textarea-foo"></textarea>

I figured that if I couldn't make the textarea resizable, then maybe I could at least make it 4 lines so it shouldn't need to be resized. Alas, still nothing.

Is there a separate text input class that doesn't apply to textarea or vice versa, because I haven't been able to find one anywhere, not even in the official APIs

Solution :

Ok, it sounds like you're using a specific jQuery Textinput widget ( due to the use of "ui-input-text".

To apply these styles to only the text inputs, and NOT text areas, try:

div.ui-input-text { height: 42px !important }

This says only apply this style to div's that also have the class, "ui-input-text".

If you were to inspect the source generated by the input text widget you'd see:

<div class="ui-input-text ui-body-inherit ui-corner-all ui-shadow-inset">
  <input type="tel" name="tel" id="tel" value="">

But, when used on a text area generates:

<textarea name="textarea" id="textarea-a" class="ui-input-text ui-shadow-inset ui-body-inherit ui-corner-all ui-textinput-autogrow" style="height: 96px;">

Alternatively, you could just specify a separate CSS definition to override the .ui-input-text for text areas:

.ui-input-text {
    height:42px !important;

textarea.ui-input-text {
    height:100px !important;

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