CSS how to deal with a lot of sprite without having to create a new css class

Tags: html,css,css-sprites

Problem :

I have a list of image (around 30) and I want to create CSS sprite so that they are colored when hovered. The images all have the same size. The problem is that if I just want to have one css class, I have to put the background-image on the inline html like this :


    background-position: 0 0;
    width: 185px;
    height: 100px;

    background-position: 185px 0;


<div class="sprite" style="background: url('image1');">
<div class="sprite" style="background: url('image2');">
<div class="sprite" style="background: url('image3');">

And it does not work. I only manage to do the sprite if I put the background image on the css but if I do this, I would have to create as many CSS classes as I have images which is not elegant at all. Do you have a better idea? (PS: I'm using Less CSS)

Solution :

The Problem is that you overwrite all background attributes inline (incl. -position); use:

style="background-image: url('image1');"

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