How to remove all input outline?

Tags: javascript,jquery,html,css,html5

Problem :

I want to remove all form inputs outline. Is it possible to remove input outline using jQuery?

I only know how to use CSS like:

input, select, textarea, form {
    outline: none;

Solution :

You could do something like this:

// once the page loads
window.onload = function() {
  // set the style for all these elements to outline: none;
  $("input, select, textarea, form").css("outline", "none");

So once the page loads, all elements' outlines will be set to none. However, I would suggest using CSS unless there is a specific reason why you want to use jQuery.

And for later appended elements (such as elements that appear after the page loads), you can add this code after the above code:

// once an element appears
$("input, select, textarea, form").ready(function() {
  // set the style for all these elements to outline: none;
  $("input, select, textarea, form").css("outline", "none");

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