How to set a div within text?

Tags: html,css

Problem :

Is it possible to declare CSS for a div, so that the declared div will be shown inside a line of text? E.g. a span can be shown inside text, but how about div? See below or here for an example.
Thanks in advance

This is a * * * Text-Test! * * * 
This is a * * * Text-Test! * <span style="position:absolute; width:200px; color:#FF0000; float:left;"><b>This Span is inside the text or line.</b></span>* * This is a * * * Text-Test! * * *<br/>
This is a * * * Text-Test! * * * This is a * * * Text-Test! * * *<br/>
This is a * * * Text-Test! * <div id="Helper" style="position:absolute; background-color:#00FF00; width:100px; height:20px; float:right;">*** This DIV is at the beginning of the text or line. *** </div>* * This is a * * * Text-Test! * * * <br/>
This is a * * * Text-Test! * * * This is a * * * Text-Test! * * *

Solution :

You need to use display:inline in css. Here is the link to the fiddle

Try like this: Hello <div style="display:inline;">World!</div> How are you?

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