How to hide and retrieve a URL in CSS with Javascript

Tags: javascript,css,responsive-design

Problem :

In CSS, I want to be able to specify a background image for a given selector without it actually being downloaded or rendered. I then want to be able to read the image URL with javascript, modify it in js, and then apply the modified URL to the selector for real so it will actually download and display. (I suppose that last part will have to be done with jQuery directly changing styles on each element, but that is not what this question is about.) This is part of some devious thing I'm trying to make really easy responsive images.

I have tried:

.sneaky {
    background: url("youcantseemeyet.jpg");
    background-image: url("blank.jpg");

But I can't find a way for javascript to know about the original background property.

Also tried:

.sneaky:after {
    background: url("youcantseemeyet.jpg");

But I don't think javascript can see pseudo-elements.

Also tried:

.sneaky {
    x-background: url("youcantseemeyet.jpg");


.sneaky {
    background: x-url("youcantseemeyet.jpg");

But I think javascript just tosses custom properties/values out the window.

How do CSS Polyfills work? Because they allow you to use CSS properties and values that would normally be invalid in a browser, so how does javascript access the CSS?

Another idea: I don't suppose there is a way to pre-empt the CSS with javascript, read the url() but block the file from downloading, is there?

Solution :

I figured out what to do. Kind of obvious now that I thought about it. Just hide the desired URL in a query string, like: url('/img/placeholder.gif?/path/to/real/image.jpg'). Ah, query strings, I love them.

UPDATE A problem with using a query string is that every unique query string still results in a new HTTP request, even if it is ultimately returning the same resource. So, alternatively you can use a hash mark, like url('/img/placeholder.gif#/path/to/real/image.jpg'). When the image is requested, it will completely ignore the hash tag part, BUT you can still retrieve that information with javascript. It is just a bit tricky. Assuming you have no other URLs with hash tags in them (because why would you), you can simply retrieve a list of all selectors in all stylesheets which do use the hash tag part with the following script.

var selection = []
  , sheets = document.styleSheets
  , sheet, rule, i, j

for (i in sheets){
    sheet = sheets[i]
    for (j in sheet.cssRules) {
        rule = sheet.cssRules[j]
        if (/url\(.*#.*\)/.test(rule.cssText)) selection.push( rule.selectorText );

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