How to make pop up div locked to the page coordinates in jQuery

Tags: jquery,html,css,popup

Problem :

On Stack Overflow page, most pop up divs are "glued" to current page coordinates, so if you scroll the screen up/down, popup window remain glued to the clicked element. How can I achive that?

What I have currently is than when I click on the button, popup appears, but when I scroll the page up/down, element remains glued to the window screen, and not page coordinates. How can I get it to work Stack Overflow way, so the pop up div will be glued to page coordinates?

My current code for that element is

$(".userinfo").offset({ top: + 60, left: position.left});

css position of the div is obviously absolute

Solution :

Sounds like you append your popup div to the main html window, hence it behaves like position:fixed. If you want your popup to be, as you said, 'glued' to the button position, you need to append it within your <div class="button"> (or whatever you are having) element.

<div class="main-container">
    <div class="button">
        <div class="userinfo></div> // Here's where you need to put your '.userinfo' class in

and jQ:


This will make it positioned within your <div class="button"> and therefore 'glued' to it's coordinates, not to main screen.

Hope it helps.

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