how to dynamically change the property of css using jquery

Tags: javascript,jquery,css

Problem :

I am trying to style the DIV using javascript. If the user clicks the DIV, it will dynamically change the value of the property passed after onclick. I want to try this in order to save my code that's why I chose jquery css. But, the property is not working. Is this possible or is there any other way to make it happen? thanks

       function changeProperty(mine , property , value){
          $(mine).css({ property :  value }); //if I change the property to 'background' for example, it works properly, but I want property to remain so that i will not be changing the property from time to time
   <div  onclick="changeProperty(this, 'background', 'red');">
      change background
   <div  onclick="changeProperty(this, 'font-size', '15px');">
      change font size
   <div  onclick="changeProperty(this, 'font', 'Arial');">
      change font

Solution :

That's because you pass to css method an object containing property property. In this case it's better to pass two arguments to css method:

function changeProperty(mine , property , value){
    $(mine).css(property, value);

However, if you want to pass an object, you can dynamically build it:

function changeProperty(mine , property , value){
    var obj = {};
    obj[property] = value;

Another improvement is to use this value inside of the function (that is the same with mine in this case):

function changeProperty(property , value){

Then in HTML you will have, "font", "Arial").

.css( propertyName, value )

Set one or more CSS properties for the set of matched elements.

  • propertyName: A CSS property name.

    Type: String

  • value: A value to set for the property.

    Type: String or Number

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