How to create sub-labels for input elements using HTML

Tags: html,css,input,label

Problem :

I am using windows to create a simple HTML form, and I cannot figure out how to create the sub-labels for the various inputs. The picture (link in comment below) shows what I am trying to produce. Is this a Safari only thing? The closest I came was using CSS display:block which allowed me to move the label on top of the input.

Solution :

You can accomplish that by wrapping each group of label & input within e.g. div, like so:

<div class="form-line">
   <div class="form-field">
      <input class="form-field-input" id="input1" type="text" placeholder="Your value..." />
      <label class="form-field-label" for="input1">
         Text 1
   <!-- other groups go here -->

Here's the CodePen example

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