Fuelux, how to fix the width of a repeater column

Tags: html,css,fuelux

Problem :

Is it possible to fix the width of a specific Fuel UX repeater column?

I'm trying to do this using the css-nth selector like this:

.table thead tr th:nth-of-type(8),
.table tbody tr td:nth-of-type(8) {
    background: red;

The code above is correct in part, as the background of the 8th column is red, but just on the <TD> and not on the <TH>, and anyway the width doesn't change.

Any idea on how I can set a fixed width column? thank you very much for your help.


I solved this in another way, just adding a container div with a min-width, so that the column where the div is stretches to fit the div width and actually it stretches all the column.

Is not the right way, but at least it works as i think that the column size is setted using JS and thats why it did work with just css properties.

thanks anyway!

Solution :

Have you tried using the list_columnSizing: false option?

For more info visit: http://getfuelux.com/extensions.html#bundled-extensions-list

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