How to change the Home icon in Primefaces Breadcrumb?

Tags: css,jsf,jsf-2,primefaces

Problem :

I would like to change the home icon of the Primefaces Breadcrumb with another icon but I can't find how.

I tried with CSS but it is not working for the icon:

.ui-breadcrumb {
    background: none !important;
    border: none !important;
    icon: url('resources/images/look/bandeau.png')

Solution :

It should be enough with:

.ui-breadcrumb .ui-icon-home {
    background-image: url("#{resource['images/look/bandeau.png']}");
    background-position: 0; /* asuming bandeau.png is a single image */

But you have to make sure two things:

  • First, that you are overriding primefaces css correctly, you shouldn't need !important. See this. If you are doing it right, at least you will see that the default image dissapear.

  • Second, you have to make sure that you are referring to the image correctly. In my code, I show how I do it myself, but it depends on your configuration so you should also check this.

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